Center for Secure and Modern Elections

What We Do

Center for Secure and Modern Elections aligns bipartisan, pro-voter campaigns in states across the country that modernizes the voting system, making elections more efficient and secure. Center for Secure and Modern Elections works directly with local partners and lawmakers who lead in-state activities. We operate in three key ways:

  • Elevate local voices: Whether a voter is Republican, Democrat, or Independent, it is key that all Americans can have their voice heard. That’s why our pro-voter efforts exclusively assist local leaders who want to modernize their elections for the 21st century.
  • Provide support: Whether it’s a rural farmer who needs to get to the capitol to testify before a committee, a citizen who works 2 jobs and needs automatic voter registration to help with their busy schedule, or a hunting license holder who wants to ensure that their voter registration is automatically updated when they fill out government forms, CSME provides resources to efforts that elevate all voices in the pro-voter debate.
  • Advance policy changes: We work with community members to identify to right modernization policies for a specific state. Our policy solutions adapt to state needs. In some cases, it’s important to make sure that eligible voters are automatically added to the rolls. In other cases, additional security protocols are needed to protect an automatic system. In some states, registration rules need small updates that ensure registration follows voters when they move. In all cases, CSME advances policies that ensure all eligible voters can have their voice heard.

Working together, we can make small updates to our election system that help voters of all political persuasions participate in our great democracy.