Center for Secure and Modern Elections

Who We Are

The Center for Secure and Modern Elections is dedicated to advancing pro-voter policies at the state level that modernize the voting process and ensure that every American, whether they are Democrat, Republican, or Independent, can have their voice heard.

Center for Secure and Modern Elections pursues policies and reforms that provide the United States with an election process that is more efficient, accurate and secure. We advocate for bipartisan proposals such as Automatic Voter Registration that saves valuable time for election officials, saves money for state governments, while ensuring that voters can participate in our great democracy.

We believe that state and local governments can make small changes to our system that will have significant benefits for voters. By allowing registration to automatically update when a voter fills out a change of address form with the post office, or adding an eligible citizen to the voting rolls when they are at a government agency, we can create a system in every state that eliminates costly paper forms and improves the security of our elections.

We support bipartisan reforms at all levels of government and we provide support to lawmakers, advocates, and businesses who share our goal of a modern democracy where all voters, regardless of party, can have their voice heard.